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Dr. Toni Wheatle is a Global Brand Strategist.  She spent nearly a decade designing nonprofits and managing global programs before creating global branding implementation models.  She is also an international Strategist for one of the international centers founded by Richard Branson-Virgin Unite:  Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship - Caribbean.  Dr. Toni Wheatle serves as a Strategist and Business Coach for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship-Caribbean helping business CEOs with things such as marketing new retail food production line, and expansion implementation for 3 PL - third party logistics warehousing systems.

Currently, she sits as an Advisory Member for Benlar Foods Limited.  She is also a former Adjunct Faculty member and Subject Matter Expert for American Business and Technology University.  She is formerly the Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing.  Dr. Toni Wheatle has earned two degrees:  MBA and Doctorate of Business. 

She has the capacity to help you brand and design any business concept within a wide range of industries.  Her business modeling principles and social platform are rooted in teaching businesses how to become socially responsible on a local and global scale.


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